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The Farmer's Crop
by Andrew Abel
Illustrated by Carolyn Chaffee Li


This book is a poem retelling of the Parable of the Sower, a story told by Jesus in the Bible. The story tells of a farmer who went out to sow his seed. Some seed fell on the path and was eaten by birds, some fell on rocky ground and withered away due to lack of roots, some fell among thorns and was choked by them, and some fell on good soil and produced a great crop. The story encourages listeners to be receptive to God's message and to cultivate a heart that bears good fruit.

The poem is beautifully illustrated in black and white block print by Carolyn Chaffee Li

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About the Illustrator

Carolyn Chaffee Li is an artist residing with her husband Ray Li in the San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by nature, her artwork is often about light and the metaphors it embodies. She enjoys experimenting with various mediums to portray light in meaningful ways. Her desire is to create artwork that conveys beauty, truth, and hope. She received her BA in Illustration and Studio Art from Seattle Pacific University. Her artwork has been profiled in several publications and exhibited in Seattle, New York, and the SF Bay Area. 

2022—Honorable Mention, Sunnyvale Art Club, 2022 Juried Art Exhibit 
2021—1st Place, Gold Section, Sunnyvale Art Club competition 

Instagram: @carolynchaffeeart

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