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Finding Granny
by Andrew Abel
Illustrations by Graeme Holding


This book is inspired by treasure hunts that my father would set for his grandchildren using hand drawn clues. Visual clues means that even toddlers that can’t read yet can play. A generation later my daughters, now with children of their own, are asking me to lay these treasure trails for their children.
The story follows the children around the house as they search for clues that lead them to different objects. Eventually, they find Granny and she surprises them with a big hug.
The book is suitable both for young readers and pre-readers alike. It encourages observation and discovery, and also teaches the game to the older reader. The rhyming and simple vocabulary make it easy for younger readers.


About the Illustrator

Graeme Holding’s style of drawing is bright, fun and traditional but quirky. He likes to draw animals bringing a sense of personality to their characters. Graeme is from Helsby, Cheshire, but he now lives in Runcorn with his wife and four children.
After school and college he went on to complete a Children's book illustration course at the London Art College. Since then he has worked with publishers and private clients, producing illustrations for children's books.
Graeme Holding✉


"Finding Granny is a fun rhyming book that shows little adventurers the joys of treasure hunts, exploring new things, and making amazing discoveries using their imagination. ...This engaging book encourages children to observe things using their creativity and imagination"

Kidiomag, June 11, 2023

"My five-year-old grandson got a big kick out of this book. He really liked the idea of granny hiding and the grandkids looking for her. This book is good for grandkids who can't read and those that can. For early readers, the words are simple and easy. Plus, rhyming words add to the fun." Nina Lewis, Grandma Ideas

Jul 17, 2023

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